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We are situated in the center of Elena, in the heart of Bulgaria's most beautiful & pristine region .
The town of Elena, 7421 inhabitants, 300 meters above sea level, is located in the Central Balkan Mountain.
The distance to Veliko Turnovo is 38 km, to the Bulgarian capital Sofia – 280 km and 230 km to Varna.
The town lies in the lovely valley of the Elena River. Nature is benevolent to this region. A great number of small rivers, and several deep and scenic gorges run across the Elena hollow. The hills are overgrown with deciduous trees. The Balkan woods are inhabited by wild boars, wolves and foxes, hares and does. One can find mountain barbell and chub in the clean water of the small rivers.
Elena can be reached by the European road E772 from Sofia or from Varna to Veliko Turnovo and by the intermediate road № 53.

More about Elena and our location
Elena attractions

A remarkable, and authentic cultural monument of Elena is the Clock Tower. It is situated at the highest point of Elena, and can therefore be seen from every part of the town.
An unknown master built the Clock Tower in 1812. The clock mechanism and the belfry were bought from Feizi Aga. There is an inscription on the belfry, which indicates that it was made in Gabrovo. The local master Tsoncho Ustabashi restored the Tower in 1857.
It consists of three parts, which are in harmonic proportions. The lower stone part is situated over a square base, and is 12.5 meters high. The roof is conical. The passage of time, and changing seasons were most unkind to this structure. Therefore, in 1953, the Clock Tower was partially reconstructed by local masters; in keeping with her original design/aesthetic. Near to the Clock tower, one may find the churches "The Assumption" and "St.Nikola".
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