Guest house "Stefani" offers you pleasant accommodations at affordable prices, in a fine location (just a few meters from the center of Elena). The house is one story, consisting of 3 double-bedrooms with a common kitchen/bathrooms/gathering-room.

The maximum capacity of the house is 11 guests...sleeper-sofas are available upon request. The rooms are clean, spacious, and offer new furnishings (ie: large beds). Accesories include: TV, recessed lighting-fixtures, wardrobes, etc, etc. The flooring is hard-wood. The kitchen features all of your necessary appliances, and kitchenware.

Room service is available on request; breakfast, lunch, dinner...or anything in-between! 
Outside, one may find a beautiful garden with numerous roses, grape vines, greenery & statuary. In the rear, we have a barbeque and small pool.
Our house is a sanctuary from the hassles of urban traffic, noise, or unwanted distractions. We guarantee your peace & relaxation! View the new pictures from the house.
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